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Winter Texans

shapeimage_2Drop the Snow Shovel. . . Be a Winter Texan!

For years those known as Winter Texans have escaped the dreary ice and snow up north for the warm inviting climate of the Texas coast.

There’s plenty of activities and events, beautiful sites to see, as well as recreation and tourist areas ideal for Winter Texans. Everything is here, ready for your winter visit.  And the living is very affordable…

Even in December and January the daytime temperatures are usually in the 50s to 70s depending on which way the breeze is blowing. Winter Texans love our winter climate!



2 Bedroom – sleeps 6

$900 a month

3 Bedroom – sleeps 8

$1,100 a month

Anchor(Main House) – sleeps 10

$1,300 a month


2 Bedroom – sleeps 6

$500 a week

3 Bedroom – sleeps 8

$800 a week

Anchor(Main House) – sleeps 10

$1000 a week


2 Bedroom – sleeps 6

$115 per night

3 Bedroom – sleeps 8

$160 per night

Anchor(Main House) – sleeps 10

$235 per night


You will find the prices in our area to be reasonable. Winter Texans enjoy the same low prices as the locals. Our auto gas prices are usually about 20 cents cheaper than other areas of the country. Eating in our restaurants is very reasonable and renting at Dancing Dunes is very affordable.

You’ll find the people here are to be very friendly! As you are driving down the road, don’t be surprised if people wave at you. This is a popular retirement area and people have moved here from all over the country. It seems like just about everyone is from somewhere else. No one is a stranger here!  You will find events and potlucks put on by the local towns for the Winter Texans.  You are welcome here!