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St.Jo Island

St. Jo Island, located just north of Port Aransas/Mustang Island, is approximately 28 miles long, less than 2 miles wide at its widest point and is a natural haven for fishermen and beach lovers.

Accessible only by boat, St. Jo Island is the perfect place to beach comb, shell, surf, swim and picnic. The fishing is excellent, so bring your rods and reels. Besides jetty fishing, there is shark fishing, surf fishing, crabbing on the bay side and seining. The beach remains natural, so if you are a beachcomber, come search St. Jo’s shore!

St. Jo is a privately owned island and no government entity cleans the beach on a regular basis. The trash that is already there has washed up from offshore. Please do not leave any trash on the island.

The Jetty Boat runs every two hours. Be sure to check the schedule and know what you’re in for. Please know that you will be marooned on this island for two hours! There are no public facilities and no buildings on the island. Nothing, Nada, Zip. We recommend you bring a hat, a shirt, lots of 50 SPF or higher, sunscreen and water. If it’s over 90 degrees two hours can be a long time if you have no water! So bring all of your gear to Fisherman’s Wharf and take the Jetty Boat over to St. Jo.

Too much gear to carry yourself? Fisherman’s Wharf will rent you a cart to take your gear in for only $10 per day. Fisherman’s Wharf offers a discount card for $100 that is good for 10 trips to St. Jo. and group rates are available.

Fisherman’s Wharf offers fishing tackle, bait, snacks, drinks, sunscreen, ice chests, cameras, t-shirts and caps to complete your trip aboard the Jetty Boat.

For those of you who are looking for a boat ride only, the Jetty Boat offers a daily Boat Ride/Dolphin Watch that is a family favorite, year ’round!

Grab your gear and head over to Fisherman’s Wharf where salty adventures await you!